8th International forum on Food and Nutrition | Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition


In those two days, I had the chance to take part to an inspiring and vibrating forum where different speakers brought their ideas and their most recent findings about food systems and sustainable development.
The 8th International Forum on Food and Nutrition have covered three main topics: climate changes, food and migrations and how to change the food system.
Touching stories of migrants, new technologies, innovative ideas, projects, statistic updates and hopes. The complexity of a food system explained by different voices from different fields with the common aim of changing the faith of our world.


If you are interested in those arguments I strongly suggest you to look for the work of these active and passionate guys who are trying to change something in the world with their efforts.

Jeffrey Sachs: Director Earth Institute, Columbia University and Director Sustainable Development Solution Networks

Leo Abruzzese: Global Director of Public Policy, Economist Intelligence Unit

Melissa Fleming: Head of Communications and Public Information – Chief Spokesperson at UNHCR

Lucio Caracciolo: President and Head of Geopolitics, Macrogeo

Million Belay: Founder of Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA) and researcher at the Stockholm Resilience Centre

Arif Husain: Chief Economist and Director of the Food Security Analysis and Trends Service, World Food Programme

Gunter Pauli: Founder and Chairman Zeri Foundation, Entrepreneur and writer

Stefano Liberti: Author of “I signori del cibo”

David Kay: Manager of Communications & Sustainability, Memphis Meat

Enrico Giovannini: Alleanza Italiana per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile (ASviS) spokesperson, Professor of Economic Statistics, University of “Tor Vergata”

Guido Barilla: Barilla Group and BCFN Foundation Chairman

Carlo Petrini: Founder and President of Slow Food International